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2020-03-03: Please forgive the dealy in getting the March Lectionary online. We had an unexpected death in the …

2020-02-01: The February Daily Office Lectionary is now online.

2020-01-04: Apologies for the delay, but the January Daily Office Lectionary is now online.

2019-11-30: The December Daily Office Lectionary is online!

2019-11-02: The November lectionary is online along with the appropriate collects. Apologies for the delay!

2019-10-16: 2019-10-16 Morning Prayer

2019-10-02: 2019-10-02 Morning Prayer

2019-09-30: The October Daily Office lectionary is online!

2019-09-25: 2019-09-25 Morning Prayer

2019-09-11: 2019-09-11 Morning Prayer

2019-09-10: Anglican Pastor graciously published my write up about this site!

2019-09-04: 2019-09-04 Morning Prayer

2019-08-31: The September Daily Office lectionary is online!

2019-08-21: 2019-08-21 Morning Prayer

2019-08-14: In Christian meditation, we are we are allowing our hearts and minds to be reprogrammed according to …

2019-08-14: 2019-08-14 Morning Prayer

2019-08-12: 2019-08-12 Morning Prayer Today’s prayer took 2 videos due to technical difficulties.

2019-08-07: 2019-08-07 Morning Prayer