The May Daily Office Lectionary is online, only 2 days late 😬

Updated the line spacing on Morning and Evening prayer to make the liturgies much more readable and easier to skim. I also made sure to link to the new Collects page for finding the appropriate collect for the day.

Well, I got the April lectionary up, with only two weeks left in April :/. I realized in doing this that my approach of having the appropriate collects on the same page as the lectionary readings won’t work, since the collects aren’t attached to calendar dates, but rather the moving target of liturgical celebrations! So, I’ve re-architected this a bit.

Keep in mind this is not a sophisticated site like many others that are similar. This is nearly all simple html–no databases or anything. So, I’ve now made collects page with a link the main navigation. For those of you needing the collect for the whole Office or a personal devotion, you should be able find the appropriate prayer within a couple clicks or taps.

Please forgive the dealy in getting the March Lectionary online. We had an unexpected death in the parish, which has required a great deal of attention. I hope to get the lectionary up by the end of the week!

The February Daily Office Lectionary is now online.

Apologies for the delay, but the January Daily Office Lectionary is now online.

The December Daily Office Lectionary is online!

The November lectionary is online along with the appropriate collects. Apologies for the delay!

2019-10-16 Morning Prayer

2019-10-02 Morning Prayer

The October Daily Office lectionary is online!

2019-09-25 Morning Prayer

2019-09-11 Morning Prayer

Anglican Pastor graciously published my write up about this site!

2019-09-04 Morning Prayer

The September Daily Office lectionary is online!

2019-08-21 Morning Prayer

In Christian meditation, we are we are allowing our hearts and minds to be reprogrammed according to biblical truth.

2019-08-14 Morning Prayer

2019-08-12 Morning Prayer

Today’s prayer took 2 videos due to technical difficulties.

2019-08-07 Morning Prayer